8 Things That Will Convince You to Visit S Maison Mall

June 30, 2017

On the first two floors of Conrad Manila  resides S Maison, SM Prime’s brand-new upscale lifestyle center-and the company’s 62nd supermall!



IMAGE Courtesy of S Maison

Itching to visit? Let us whet your appetite by listing down eight of our favorite things about this posh podium space!

1. The architechture



IMAGE Courtesy of S Maison

The elegant mall’s design by French company Malherbe complements Conrad Manila’s distinct luxury liner feel. Every inch of the 25,534 square-meter mall draws inspo from the traditional romantic idea of the Philippines as the Pearl of the Orient-lustrous surface treatments give off the feeling of being inside an iridiscent shell. Gorgeous.

2. The Director’s Club experience

S Maison has three state-of-the-art Director’s Club cinemas, each with a cozy 38-seater capacity.

3. Starbucks Reserve

One of the only eight Starbucks Reserve stores in the country is located here, too! Coffee queens unite.

4. Cool kicks at Urban Athletics



IMAGE Courtesy of S Maison

Look forward to elegance in motion, a philosophy championed by Urban Athletics, a street lifestyle store carrying the most sought after sneaks from top sports brands Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Asics, and Puma, for starters!

4. Chic picks at Assembly


 IMAGE Courtesy of S Maison

Assembly is highkey our kind of place. It’s a multi-brand concept created by Suyen Corporation, and the shop’s official page says it best: “It is less a store than an editor to a life of detail. Filling the glossy interiors is an array of cult and niche labels, grooming products and lifestyle ideas that give depth to the style story we want to tell.”

5. Homegrown deliciousness at XO 46 Heritage Bistro

Steeped in tradition and true to their Filipino roots, Andrew and Sandee Masigan ofXO 46 Heritage Bistro show us that the best dishes are the ones made from the heart. Our mouths are already watering, help!

6. Investment gems at De Novo Diamonds



IMAGE Courtesy of S Maison

Jewelry is often depicted as a reminder of the past, but De Novo Diamonds looks to the future, embracing new possibilities and inspiring new stories.

8. The culinary sister act behind The English


IMAGE Courtesy of S Maison

Beng, Kidd, Erika, and Bea Soriano-Dee of The English bring their impeccable sense of style and achingly good taste to their unique dining concepts.