Nicky Hilton


    Experience the Exclusive NH Collection by Nicky Hilton at Denovo Diamonds

    Embrace the epitome of elegance and personal flair with the NH Collection by Nicky Hilton, exclusively available at Denovo Diamonds in Manila. This collection represents the fusion of power, class, and individuality, mirroring Nicky Hilton's renowned vision of fashion as a distinguished form of self-expression. Each piece in the NH Collection is a celebration of modern sophistication, offering a unique blend of timeless designs with a contemporary edge.

    The NH Collection stands out for its versatility, catering to every style and occasion. As you wear these pieces, you're not just embracing luxury; you're making a bold statement about your individual style and preference for high-quality craftsmanship. From stunning necklaces to elegant bracelets, the NH Collection by Nicky Hilton is designed to elevate your jewelry experience and enrich your personal collection with exclusive, fashion-forward designs.

    Visit Denovo Diamonds today to discover the full extent of the NH Collection's elegance and unique charm. Step into the world of Nicky Hilton's fashion-forward jewelry and express your individuality with every piece.


    Maureen Disini


    Explore Timeless Elegance with Maureen Disini's La Collezione Promessa at Denovo Diamonds

    Discover the pinnacle of Manila's fashion elegance with La Collezione Promessa by Maureen Disini, exclusively available at Denovo Diamonds. Celebrated Filipino fashion designer Maureen Disini, with her rich experience from Italy's fashion capitals, presents a collection that epitomizes grace and sophistication. Each garment in La Collezione Promessa is crafted to celebrate the female form, offering a unique blend of timeless style and modern luxury.

    Immerse yourself in the world of Maureen Disini, where every piece is a tribute to her commitment to creating the most flattering silhouettes. This special collection is not just clothing; it's a promise of elegance and exclusivity, designed to elevate your style and add a touch of class to your wardrobe.

    Visit Denovo Diamonds in Manila and experience firsthand the exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful precision of Maureen Disini's La Collezione Promessa. Let these pieces transform your look with their sophisticated charm and elegant designs.


    Jinggoy Buensuceso


    Experience the epitome of luxury with Philippines' own exclusive Equilibrium Collection by renowned artist Jinggoy Buensuceso, now available at Denovo Diamonds. This unique collection redefines elegance, blending linear precision with organic fluidity in each meticulously crafted piece. The Equilibrium Collection brings together Jinggoy's innovative use of metal, aluminum, and wood textures, adorned with the finest locally sourced diamonds.

    Each creation in the Equilibrium Collection is a testament to the balance of strength and beauty, reflecting the vibrant spirit of Manila through its playful use of tones and colors. Make a bold statement with these artful masterpieces, whether you're looking to elevate your style or find that perfect gift. Jinggoy Buensuceso's designs are not just accessories; they are a celebration of Filipino artistry and craftsmanship in jewelry.

    Visit Denovo Diamonds in Manila to explore the Equilibrium Collection and immerse yourself in the world of sophisticated design and unparalleled quality. Let Jinggoy Buensuceso's visionary pieces transform your perception of luxury and style.


    Olivia d’Aboville


    Discover Olivia d'Aboville's Crystal Dew Collection at Denovo Diamonds: A Tribute to Nature's Elegance

    Step into Denovo Diamonds in Manila and be captivated by the serene beauty of the Crystal Dew Collection, exclusively crafted by French-Filipino artist Olivia d'Aboville. This unique collection is a homage to the natural world, drawing inspiration from the boundless ocean and the intricate beauty of water droplets. Each piece, whether it's textile jewelry, sculptural works, or art installations, is infused with the essence of water's delicate form and the tranquility of nature.

    Olivia d'Aboville's Crystal Dew Collection is more than just an accessory; it's an artistic expression that brings the elegance of nature into your life. With its exquisite craftsmanship and ethereal designs, this collection is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life and wish to carry a piece of art with them.

    Visit us at Denovo Diamonds in Manila to explore the mesmerizing world of Olivia d'Aboville's Crystal Dew Collection. Let each piece inspire you with its artistic representation of nature's elegance and add a unique, sophisticated touch to your collection.

  • LEEROY-NEW.png

    Leeroy New


    Explore Leeroy New's Seraph Collection at Denovo Diamonds: A Testament to Manila's Sculptural Artistry

    Step into the realm of avant-garde fashion and art with the exclusive Seraph Collection by Manila's renowned sculptor Leeroy New, available only at Denovo Diamonds. This collection is a tribute to the city's vibrant art scene and Leeroy's innovative approach to sculpture, known for its intriguing exploration of the grotesque and the macabre. Inspired by his iconic 'Sacred Heart' piece, the Seraph Collection offers a bold fusion of divine inspiration with a daring, transformative design.

    Each piece in the Seraph Collection is a testament to the unconventional beauty and intricate craftsmanship that define Leeroy New's work. It's not just about adorning yourself with a piece of jewelry; it's about embracing a piece of art that challenges and elevates your style. From its edgy aesthetic to its thought-provoking motifs, the Seraph Collection invites you to experience the extraordinary and appreciate the sculptural artistry unique to Manila's artistic landscape.

    Visit Denovo Diamonds in Manila to immerse yourself in the world of Leeroy New's Seraph Collection. Allow his sculptural artistry to transform your perception of beauty and art, and find your own piece of the extraordinary today.

  • CHERYL-TIU.png

    Cheryl Tiu


    Embrace Sophistication with Cheryl Tiu's Global Collection at Denovo Diamonds

    Uncover the exquisite Global Collection by Cheryl Tiu, exclusively at Denovo Diamonds, where each piece is a celebration of the adventurous spirit and refined taste of the independent woman. Cheryl Tiu, a distinguished publisher, editor, writer, and connoisseur of global cultures, infuses her extensive travel insights and culinary experiences into every aspect of this unique collection.

    The Global Collection represents not just jewelry, but a journey across diverse cultures, offering a blend of elegance, wisdom, and the adventurous essence of world travelers. It's an invitation to embrace the world's beauty and diversity, reflecting the sophistication and independent spirit of those who, like Cheryl, explore the world with open arms and a zest for life.

    Visit Denovo Diamonds in Manila and allow the Global Collection by Cheryl Tiu to inspire your style with its international flair and impeccable elegance. Let each piece be a reminder of the beauty that lies in independence, cultural exploration, and the art of embracing every experience the world has to offer.


    Jia Santos - Estrella


    Discover Urban Elegance with Jia Santos-Estrella's Windows Collection at Denovo Diamonds

    Enter the mesmerizing urban landscape through Jia Santos-Estrella's Windows Collection, a treasure trove of unique pieces available exclusively at Denovo Diamonds. Jia, transitioning from a celebrated retail maven to a visionary furniture designer and mixed media artist, brings the mystique and glamour of the world's most enchanting cities into each design. Her Windows Collection is a homage to urban beauty and complexity, capturing the allure of old city windows and the stories they tell.

    Each piece is a testament to urban elegance, blending artistic narrative with distinctive design to reflect the spirit of cosmopolitan living. The Windows Collection invites you to explore the hidden gems and whispered tales of cityscapes, transforming your space with its unique charm and sophisticated glamour.

    Visit Denovo Diamonds to experience the urban mystique of Jia Santos-Estrella's Windows Collection. Let each piece take you on a journey through the world's most captivating cities, adding a touch of urban elegance to your collection.


    Neil Felipp


    Experience the serene sophistication of minimalist design with the Simian Collection by Neil Felipp, a celebrated Cebuano designer, available exclusively at Denovo Diamonds in Manila. This collection redefines luxury with its commitment to clean lines and structured beauty, highlighting the allure of diamond accessories in each piece. The Simian Collection features an array of diamond-infused creations that embody the essence of refined minimalism and functional elegance.

    Each piece in this exquisite collection reflects Neil Felipp's design philosophy: finding beauty in simplicity, elevated with the timeless sparkle of diamonds. The Simian Diamond Collection is a celebration of understated elegance, offering diamond accessories that are both sophisticated and versatile, perfect for any occasion.

    Visit Denovo Diamonds in Manila and let the Simian Diamond Collection transform your appreciation for minimalist design. Embrace the subtle power of simplicity combined with the luxurious touch of diamonds, and elevate your style with these refined, elegant pieces.