Jia Santos - Estrella


Discover Urban Elegance with Jia Santos-Estrella's Windows Collection at Denovo Diamonds

Enter the mesmerizing urban landscape through Jia Santos-Estrella's Windows Collection, a treasure trove of unique pieces available exclusively at Denovo Diamonds. Jia, transitioning from a celebrated retail maven to a visionary furniture designer and mixed media artist, brings the mystique and glamour of the world's most enchanting cities into each design. Her Windows Collection is a homage to urban beauty and complexity, capturing the allure of old city windows and the stories they tell.

Each piece is a testament to urban elegance, blending artistic narrative with distinctive design to reflect the spirit of cosmopolitan living. The Windows Collection invites you to explore the hidden gems and whispered tales of cityscapes, transforming your space with its unique charm and sophisticated glamour.

Visit Denovo Diamonds to experience the urban mystique of Jia Santos-Estrella's Windows Collection. Let each piece take you on a journey through the world's most captivating cities, adding a touch of urban elegance to your collection.