Neil Felipp


Experience the serene sophistication of minimalist design with the Simian Collection by Neil Felipp, a celebrated Cebuano designer, available exclusively at Denovo Diamonds in Manila. This collection redefines luxury with its commitment to clean lines and structured beauty, highlighting the allure of diamond accessories in each piece. The Simian Collection features an array of diamond-infused creations that embody the essence of refined minimalism and functional elegance.

Each piece in this exquisite collection reflects Neil Felipp's design philosophy: finding beauty in simplicity, elevated with the timeless sparkle of diamonds. The Simian Diamond Collection is a celebration of understated elegance, offering diamond accessories that are both sophisticated and versatile, perfect for any occasion.

Visit Denovo Diamonds in Manila and let the Simian Diamond Collection transform your appreciation for minimalist design. Embrace the subtle power of simplicity combined with the luxurious touch of diamonds, and elevate your style with these refined, elegant pieces.