Leeroy New


Explore Leeroy New's Seraph Collection at Denovo Diamonds: A Testament to Manila's Sculptural Artistry

Step into the realm of avant-garde fashion and art with the exclusive Seraph Collection by Manila's renowned sculptor Leeroy New, available only at Denovo Diamonds. This collection is a tribute to the city's vibrant art scene and Leeroy's innovative approach to sculpture, known for its intriguing exploration of the grotesque and the macabre. Inspired by his iconic 'Sacred Heart' piece, the Seraph Collection offers a bold fusion of divine inspiration with a daring, transformative design.

Each piece in the Seraph Collection is a testament to the unconventional beauty and intricate craftsmanship that define Leeroy New's work. It's not just about adorning yourself with a piece of jewelry; it's about embracing a piece of art that challenges and elevates your style. From its edgy aesthetic to its thought-provoking motifs, the Seraph Collection invites you to experience the extraordinary and appreciate the sculptural artistry unique to Manila's artistic landscape.

Visit Denovo Diamonds in Manila to immerse yourself in the world of Leeroy New's Seraph Collection. Allow his sculptural artistry to transform your perception of beauty and art, and find your own piece of the extraordinary today.